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Bed -Bug -Extermination--in-Bay-Pines-Florida-bed-bug-extermination-bay-pines-florida.jpg-imageBed bugs are one of the most common pests in the world and are responsible for millions of bites each year in the United States alone! Bed bugs are very small, 1/16 of an inch in length, and are not only found in bedding and furniture but are also found on clothing and anywhere else a person may be sleeping or resting, like under a desk, a table, or even a chair or couch! Most people are surprised when they find bed bugs in their Bay Pines Florida home because they don’t see any signs of them but this is because they can hide anywhere, including under furniture and other items like the mattress, bedding, and even behind pictures and mirrors! These pests can be extremely difficult to remove from your Bay Pines Florida home, and even if you do remove them, they can quickly come back! At Pest Control Clearwater Florida, we offer a variety of bed bug treatments and removal services to ensure that your Bay Pines Florida home or office is safe and pest-free! When you’re dealing with bed bugs, you need a bed bug removal service that you can trust and rely on, and Pest Control Clearwater Florida offers a variety of bed bug treatments and removal services that can get rid of these pests in a safe and effective manner!

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